The Surface EP

by Seeking Seven

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The Surface, debut EP from Seeking Seven produced by Travis Wyrick (POD, 10 Years, Pillar)


released March 21, 2012

Seeking Seven
Sonny Morgan Executive Producer
Travis Wyrick Producer
Mike Dearing Engineer



all rights reserved


Seeking Seven Tupelo, Mississippi

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Track Name: A Long Way
You're buying time and it's crossed your mind
That suffering is the only way
It's like you feed the fear and you crave the sneer
Of the lips unturned but does it even matter now?

Still reaching down?

You've come such a long way
If you lose this battle it was all for nothing
So I wont let you die again, this fight you're losing
You wont go it on your own

Falling far behind you've come to find
A constant need for fleeing highs
Will you drown yourself or try to please yourself
There's no need to hide behind your insecurities

A hidden need!
Track Name: Demons In Disguise
Withdraw your silence, complete with violence
Will your decision lose all intention?
Who can appease this pathetic reasoning
Interpreting your own opinon

Look at you all dressed to prove all
We can see all the demons you disguise
Creating two wrongs they dont dissolve this
You can't conceal all the demons you disguise

Withdraw your silence, complete the sequence
It's so apparent you've lost the meaning
Since you've addressed me without consulting me
You're hidden from the... the very sight of me
Track Name: Wonder Why
She spent her whole life waiting to hear those words that were never said
So she wrote them down in a place that no one knows
She tried so many faces on that no-one knew who she really was
Then we wonder why

What else could we have said to change her from that frame of mind
Instead of reaching out we ignored all of the obvious signs
I'm sorry for how you felt! What could have been had I only tried
Why would you hate yourself, How could you let them put you there?
But it's too late to change that now!

He spent his whole life hiding a secret that he was afraid to tell
So he moved away to a place that took away all the beauty that made him so wonderful
How could we hate his life for the demons he fights?
Cause he doesn't want to fight any more!
Track Name: Fall In Line
Someone told me once I could not walk this line
Put before my feet a social sucide
These words, they hurt, they penetrate these helpless wounds
Then sent me to that place of distant solitude

And then you question

He said, She said, who sets what we have to follow?
Instead we're empty but eventually we die
Then you fall in line

I made a choice based on the voice that said that I would fail
The doubt in my mind proved they were right because I didn't try
The words that hurt the peirce so deep within my moods
But never again will I listen to their trendy rules

But then you question
Track Name: The Surface
Swollen marks, imprints from your hands
Hid by the shame that kept her innocent
The haunted night, the terrorizing screams
Silenced by the blame that you placed on me

I feel you creeping in, how can I lure you in
Why is this happing?
All That's removed from me I give my soul to keep
I beg you please take me and leave my sister be

Fearful shakes, a tremble in her stance
The evidence of another failed attempt
How do you see the surface just skin deep
This visual could never be removed from me